Restructuring of Hoefgen Erber Group


The Hoefgen Erber Group has collated all activities into one company and created a leaner structure under company law. As result of the restructuring the operational business of Hoefgen Erber Lightworks GmbH & Co. KG will be managed by “Lightworks GmbH”. The directors, Michael Höfgen and Andreas Erber, as well as all contact persons, will remain the same.


Establishment of an Advisory Board


The newly formed Advisory Board was established for networking and knowledge sharing and will serve to provide strategic guidance on the company’s vision and business strategy. The Advisory Board comprises of two members: Bodo Mall; founder of a management consulting firm, and Dr Ralf Schäfer, an independent business consultant in the automotive industry.


Development of a cutting-edge bicycle headlamp


Hoefgen Erber Lightworks GmbH & Co. KG sets the standard for bycicle headlamps with the development of a LED-bicycle headlamp compliant with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. Due to the new manufacturing technology the product will become the benchmark in terms of performance and weight. Hoefgen Erber Lightworks GmbH & Co. KG develops the headlamp within the scope of ZIM-program. ZIM stands for “The Central Innovation Program SME”  - a funding program for small and medium sized enterprises.


A new office in Esslingen


Our optical development team in Esslingen has moved to a new office. The landmark building is located next to the Ross Neckar Canal and is easily accessible on foot and by public transport. The Esslingen University of Applied Science is also located nearby.


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Driving Vision News


Hoefgen Erber Lightworks is now a member of Driving Vision News.

DVN is a networking and information platform for experts in the automotive and lighting industry. DVN also hosts biannual workshops for members in different locations all over the world.



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