About Us

We are a young, highly motivated team of experienced engineers with fun at work. Our headquarters is situated on the pre-alpine region between Munich City and Tegernsee Valley – just the perfect location to call it a day sitting in a beer garden or hiking in Bavarian Alps.

Our Know-How ranges from the design of complex headlamps and tail lamps to signal lighting and interior lighting including the necessary electronic components, as well as a variety of non-automotive applications.

We have acquired our standing with decades of experience with internationally renowned automotive suppliers. Clients appreciate our ability to actively drive innovation; therefore, we are sought-after partners when it comes to highly complex designs and concept studies.

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Michael Höfgen acquired extensive knowledge in leading international automotive lighting projects in Germany, Australia and Asia. He started his career in 1998 at Hella Hueck Co. KG aA as a project manager after completing his studies of electrical engineering in Bremen, Germany. After some years of managing lighting projects he moved to Hella Australia to take on the role as a program manager, leading to the assignment as General Manager Engineering some years later.

In 2008 Michael resigned from Hella to move back to Germany with his family and take up a new challenge as Chief Operating Officer in a newly founded company “Compact Power Motors” close to Munich. In 2011 he took the leap into the entrepreneurship and established the company “Lightworks GmbH”.

Advisory Board

Josip Kovacevic ist Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Unternehmensberatung JK-Consulting.
JK Consulting vereint fundiertes Branchenwissen mit dem notwendigen Umsetzungsvermögen und kann dabei auf ein umfangreiches Netzwerk in der Automobilindustrie zurückgreifen.

Herr Kovacevic blickt dabei auf mehr als 22 Jahre Berufserfahrung im automobilen Projektgeschäft zurück und er kann darüber hinaus einen umfassenden Erfahrungsschatz im Bereich mittleres und oberes Management in den Funktionsbereichen Entwicklung, Produktion, Einkauf sowie Vertrieb vorweisen.

Seine Erfahrungen im Business Development, in der Realisierung von Vertriebs- und Marketing-strategien sowie in der Nutzung modernster und etablierter Methoden zur Projektsteuerung komplettieren das Portfolio, das der Lightworks GmbH in ihrer zukünftigen strategischen Ausrichtung zur Verfügung steht.